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Wrongful Death Russian Speaking Attorney in NYC

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Violent Death Attorney

Often you hear about accidents or mistakes made by people who must take care of us. And such mistakes can lead to premature death. Just imagine the grief that befell families that affected it. But while this does not concern us, it is difficult to understand the whole depth of the emotional, physical and financial problems of those who have lost a loved one. All the lawyers of our law office know how to treat a person who has lost a family member. We have already managed to get payments of millions for affected families, and we continue to fight for justice.

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There are many situations in which the negligence of a person or organization can cause the sudden death of another person. The work of lawyers in Brooklyn who specialize in this area is to discover all the facts that led to the death of a person. Often these facts are not easy to find, and you have to conduct a thorough investigation of the case. But we are doing our best to restore the truth.

Most violent deaths in New York State can be divided into three groups:

Accidental death – Negligence that caused someone to die is a universal occurrence. In some places, the risk is slightly higher – construction sites, amusement parks, public transport, private boats, etc.
Oversight in the nursing home – The nursing home is the place where everyone should receive maximum attention and care. If a person does not receive what is due in full, death may occur, for which the organization must be held accountable. Even if an elderly person just stumbles, they can get injured which in turn causes premature death some time later.
Medical error – This is one of the most common causes of violent death in our state. Often the cause of death remains incomprehensible or is indicated as a complication of the disease that has been treated. The wrong dose of anesthesia, the wrong choice of treatment or the wrong combination of drugs can indicate a cause of death. If necessary, our lawyers will make a request for toxicological expertise and will certainly find out the true cause of death.
In the event of the violent death of any of your loved ones, there will be many lawyers in New York who will be very willing to take on your case. But in order to receive the compensation that your family really deserves, you need an experienced lawyer who has already managed to prove their qualifications in practice. You need a lawyer from our law office. We protect the feelings of our customers, especially since in such a delicate business we always need a special representative. Call the Russian lawyer and get a free consultation. Confidentiality of information is guaranteed.

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