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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer who Speaks Russian

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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Even the most careful motorcyclist can have an accident. Almost every such incident has injuries, and sometimes even worse … In 2010, 5,570 motor vehicle crashes occurred on New York State roads, and in all cases except 633, there were fatalities. It’s even surprising: a motorcyclist is protected by a helmet alone, and head injuries are present in almost every accident. In addition to head injuries, many motorcyclists receive severe abrasions and extensive injuries. In our state, as elsewhere, such accidents most often occur due to inattentive motorists who collide with a motorcycle.

The treatment of serious injuries often requires much greater costs than the victim can afford. Given the rather large bills for medical care and temporary disability, victims often find themselves in a rather difficult situation. Fortunately, they have a lawyer who will save them from unnecessary trouble. The motorcycle accident lawyer is not only a representative of the victim, but also a motorcycle driver. Their experience and knowledge allow us to provide any possible assistance to any person who had an accident on a motorcycle.

Why is it so important to contact a Russian lawyer who specializes in such accidents on time? Someone must pay all those considerable expenses, and it is obvious that this should be the culprit of the accident. Often these people take responsibility and help those who have suffered through their fault. But they also depend on their insurance company, as sometimes the costs may be too high for them to pay. For example, only a very rich person can compensate someone for a lifetime loss of working capacity. That is why people rely on their insurance company and on liability insurance coverage. Not to mention the fact that New York State law requires it.

Insurance companies often try to settle matters with victims directly as soon as possible. In this case, the injured motorcyclist receives much less compensation than they should be legally required. When a motorcyclist gets into an accident, the best solution is to seek help from a lawyer who specializes in such matters. With their experience and knowledge, victims are far more likely to get what they need. In the history of our lawyers, the amount of payments is only growing.

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