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Auto Accident Lawyer: First Call - Russian Accident Lawyer

No matter how minor the accident seems to you, you should call a New York Car Accident Attorney immediately. Often, residents of our state make mistakes when leaving the scene, exchanging contacts. Of course, the victims want to return everything to normal as soon as possible. But it is important to remember that if a person in an accident gets an injury, the symptoms can appear after hours or even days. Even serious head injuries are not always immediately noticeable due to the shock and the adrenaline rush that accompanies a car accident.

In the event of an accident, it is common of insurance inspectors (as representatives of either party) to report on your health as a victim. Remember: in any case do not provide the inspector with this information. The work of the insurance inspector is to establish the lowest possible amount of insurance payments. It seems that this person cares about you – but this is not true. The policy of their work is established by the company in which they work at. Caring for your financial and physical health is just a cover for their true intentions.

If in the event of an accident you call an insurance company, and not the Russian-speaking lawyer, then you are faced with their first line of defense. An employee of the company will make you an offer that should satisfy your application. Initially, they will offer you a minimum amount in a hope that you will be satisfied with it, and leave. If you refuse this offer, a small amount of compensation will be given to you and they will persuade you to agree, claiming that this is their final offer. This is the game they are leading. Perhaps in the future you will have additional expenses for medical care, which leads to complications and loss of work for some time or need of rehabilitation – our lawyer knows about it and wants to resolve the matter as soon as possible.

By turning to a Russian lawyer in car accidents (in New York State), you will radically change the alignment of the game. The offers of the insurance company increase significantly – and they must immediately be rejected. An experienced Russian lawyer knows very well how much the insurance company wants to settle the matter with the lowest possible compensation. Therefore, it is important in the case of an accident to contact one of our lawyers as soon as possible.

There are several actions you can take to make it easier for a lawyer to work with your case:

– Call the police and draw up an act – Do not make any statements that would imply your guilt in the accident. Let the lawyer (and, if necessary, the court) sort this out.
– Take photos – Given modern technology, almost every phone has a camera. Try to take as many photos as possible: remove the vehicle that became a participant in the accident, the street or intersection, the driver and all passengers, any noticeable damage, as well as yourself.
– Contact your doctors – Even if it seems to you that the damage is minor, still leave it to the professionals to decide. Tests can reveal what was not immediately visible.
– It is not difficult to find a Car Accident Lawyer in New York, and many of them will take your case for paying for the result, providing the first free consultation. To find a good Russian lawyer, contact a company that specializes in your field. Ask to provide you with examples of resolving such situations from past experience and look at the AVVO.com website for recommendations from former and current clients of the company. If the representative of the insurance company makes you any proposal, it means one thing: you have a winning business, and you urgently need a Russian-speaking lawyer in New York.

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