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Russian Speaking Bicycle Accident Lawyer

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Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Sky-high gasoline prices and modest salaries make alternative modes of transport more and more attractive. The popularity of bicycles as one of the factors of a healthy life is returning. In addition, cycling remains one of the most beloved sports among residents of our state, and thousands of miles of bike paths stretch from the coast to the mountains. Unfortunately, this popularity of this type of movement means increased danger for cyclists. Every day, dozens of cyclists come across serious accidents across the state, sometimes even fatal.

In 2010, 36 cyclists died on state roads, and another 6,000 were injured. Most of the accidents were caused by a collision with cars, the rest were from falls, collisions with other cyclists, mechanical failure (especially with regard to brake systems), poor road surface and a number of other reasons. Still, cyclists receive the greatest number of injuries from collisions with cars, and with the increase in the number of cyclists, the danger on the roads also increases.

Of course, the consequences of such injuries can affect the rest of your life – someone may lose their ability to work for a while, and someone for the rest of their lives will be on disability benefits. Most insurance companies will do their best to sort things out with as little compensation as possible. And the process itself is very unpleasant and brings only unnecessary stress. Before resolving the matter, we strongly recommend that injured persons or their relatives seek help from an accident specialist with the participation of cyclists. The help of a professional will greatly facilitate the whole process.

Our lawyers have extensive experience for such accidents. Their task is to make sure that the insurance company fully covers all the damage and pays the victim full compensation. The experience and knowledge of our lawyers will relieve you of unnecessary worries and stress. Lawyers at the Russian law office can be proud of their quality of experience in dealing with insurance companies. They will go all the way with you – from extrajudicial agreements to the payment of compensation in full.

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