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Truck Accident Lawyer in NYC

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Truck Accident Lawyer

A traffic accident involving a truck can occur as a result of a number of circumstances inherent in different types of trucks with different functions. When someone makes a mistake on the road where a passenger car and a truck are adjacent, the results can be disastrous.

Such an accident can occur on the highway at high speed or within the city when performing maneuvers in a limited area. The truck driver is not able to monitor the movement directly behind and near the machine, and such blind spots are the cause of driver errors. At a speed of 60 mph, the braking distance of a loaded car is longer than a football field. In addition, such a large-sized machine has a large turning radius, and they have to take it to the left to turn right. All these factors lead to such accidents:

Rollover – such an accident is not uncommon both in New York City and throughout the state. With this size and weight, a sharp turn can turn the truck over. Often this happens with fast moving tractors when making a turn. Such an accident is also fraught with the fact that other cars may crash into the overturned truck or into the cargo that it was carrying.
Folding – this happens on slippery roads (during rain or icy roads overall). The truck and trailer get out of control and begin to slide along the track at an angle to each other, presenting a great danger to other participants in the movement.
Tread compartment – The tread on the truck tires can separate and fly out. The tires of such cars have very large treads, and such a piece of rubber is enough to kill the driver or cause serious injuries if it gets into the windshield of a vehicle moving behind.
Sandwich – this situation occurs when a car enters the blind zone of a truck. A truck moving to the left can push a passenger car to a truck that is moving to the right (or even push it under it). This situation is not uncommon on the roads of our state, as cars go along the tracks quickly, but in a single stream.
Collision – If the car followed by the truck drastically slows down or stops, it runs the risk of colliding with the truck. A standard passenger car weighs 1800 kg, and a truck with a trailer weighs 35 tons. The consequences of such a collision are obvious.
Victims of such an accident or their relatives should contact an experienced truck accident lawyer. Only professionals work for us who thoroughly know all the domestic and federal rules regarding cargo transportation. If there was a mechanical malfunction, a driver’s error, speeding or recklessness, our Russian-speaking lawyers will surely collect all the facts and find out the truth. If the truck is owned by a large company, then the driver will be represented by one of the leading law firms. The key to your success is to provide equivalent protection for your interests.

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