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Pedestrian Accident Russian Speaking Lawyer

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Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Over the past couple of decades, a steady decrease in the number of accidents involving pedestrians has been observed in the States. So, in 1995, 5,600 people became victims of death and another 84,000 were injured. Already in 2009, 60,000 people were injured, and 4,100 died. Improved car safety, new traffic control technologies (for example, surveillance cameras at intersections), well-thought-out laws and precise control from implementation have contributed to this. But despite all this, the number of victims remains quite significant, which makes the streets of our state an unsafe place.

The high gas prices and environmental concerns make many of us take bicycles or walk. With so many bicycles and pedestrians on the street, accidents involving them are not uncommon, they happen every day. But when someone is hit by a car, the last thing he or she thinks about is the law protecting the rights of pedestrians. Nevertheless, such a law is intended to ensure public safety. Part of this security is to hold accountable the one who, through negligence and indiscretion, injured another person.

Russian lawyers at the law office have extensive experience in this field. If injured, the pedestrian must contact a Russian lawyer in Brooklyn as soon as possible. In this case, insurance companies are not on the side of the victim, and therefore will try to settle the matter in their favor as soon as possible. Lawyers know about this, and therefore find methods to force the insurance company to pay due compensation. Accidents deprive a person of the opportunity to work, cause long-lasting injuries (sometimes lasting forever), and even take life. An experienced Russian lawyer will always be able to ensure that the victim receives from the insurance company every cent that they is entitled to.

Many lawyers who specialize in accidents involving pedestrians have extensive experience, and they are very easy to find online. Almost all of them will provide you with the first consultation free of charge, where you will learn how exactly the law on the protection of pedestrians is applied in your case and what legal actions are best taken. Many Russian-speaking lawyers only charge for their services if they win the case. Every lawyer knows that if the insurance company is opposed by law, it quickly backs away and pays compensation.

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