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Russian Speaking Bus Accident Lawyer in New York

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Bus Accident Lawyer

Most people read in the newspaper or watched the news about a serious accident on the highway in New York, as a result of which there were quite a few injured and dead among the passengers. Basically, accidents involving such huge touring buses occur because they either turn over or crash. As a result of the investigation of such accidents, it is often found out that the driver was tired, speeding or a bus malfunction. The company in this case receives a lot of fines from the Department of Transport. There is a high probability of injury if the bus is not equipped with seat belts and other systems.

These types of accidents can be less dramatic, but just as serious. Collisions happen daily on our state’s roads. It is enough to look at traffic to understand how high the probability of accidents involving buses. On the roads, there is a huge number of intercity buses on long routes, which transport residents within the state, and transit. Routes abound in tunnels and bridges. In addition, we will not forget about tourist and school buses. What is common between all of them? They are large and carry unprotected passengers.

If a situation occurs in which a bus, even at low speed, crashes into a car, then passengers, due to the difference in the mass of vehicles, will still receive significant injuries. When a bus in motion suddenly stops, passengers continue to move at the same speed until they come across an obstacle – a seat belt, a metal handrail or another passenger. If a person encounters anything at a speed of only 15 mph, they may be seriously injured.

If your loved one was the victim of such an accident, or you yourself have suffered any injuries in such circumstances, you need to contact the Russian lawyers. They are professionals in this field and knows absolutely all the rules that are set by the transport industry by different organizations. One of them will be able to determine if the driver was tired due to too long a shift, whether the bus speed corresponded to the rules, and whether the driver had any unexpected maneuvers. In addition, our specialist will deal with reports on the safety and maintenance of the bus, as well as the driver’s driving history.

If you have had such an accident, then you should do the following:

-Call 911 and try to help other passengers somehow before the professionals arrive.
-Take a picture of the crash site
-Get medical attention even if your injuries seem minor.
-Call an accident lawyer as soon as possible
-Do not make any statements to an insurance company representative. Many shipping companies ask all passengers to fill out an accident report. If you are asked about this, answer only that you need the help of a medical professional.

Remember: these buses are the property of large private companies or the transit authority. Their main responsibility is to protect their customers if necessary. If you want to get decent compensation and restore justice, you need the services of a bus accident lawyer, so contact the Russian lawyers.

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