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Workers Compensation Russian Lawyer

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New York Workers Compensation

In the state of New York, as in any other, compensation to workers is the payment of damage from personal injury, illness or death associated with the performance of official duties. If you yourself or someone you know is injured or ill while performing standard work functions, immediately contact the Russian lawyer. For our lawyers, labor law is the main area of ​​specialization. A Brooklyn Worker Compensation Attorney will be able to clarify your rights (or the rights of someone close to you) if you work in New York or in a statewide business. Even if you yourself are from another state, but did the work here, the local law protects you completely.

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Time is a very important factor, so don’t delay. As soon as possible, contact one of our compensation lawyers for a consultation. According to the law of our state, in case of injury, illness or death of a worker, you cannot file a lawsuit against the employer, but there are other ways to do this, outside the compensation law. For example, you can file a lawsuit against the construction owner or contractor. There are other, narrower areas, and this is another reason to appeal to the lawyers from our law office. The laws on compensation for workers who were injured after July 7, 2007 changed a lot, and from July 1, 2010, the maximum compensation was $739.00 per week. Lifetime benefits are only assigned to those who have received permanent disability, and their amount is calculated depending on the number of years. The clinic for the diagnosis and prescription of drugs can be chosen by the insured. Mental disorders and injuries from repetitive movements are also subject to compensation. If you and a person close to you is injured or ill while performing work duties (at or outside the workplace), seek professional help. The best Brooklyn attorneys will do their best to get the compensation that you are entitled to.

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