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Russian Lawyer in New York Specializing in Sexual Harassment

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Russian Lawyer in New York Specializing in Sexual Harassment

As experienced lawyers, we know how important it is to ensure safety in public and commercial buildings, shops, hotels and surrounding areas. Safety measures must also be taken at all New York City Housing Authority properties. If you become a victim of rape or sexual assault due to the fact that the territory was not secured, immediately contact our specialists and you will be able to receive compensation. Tanya Handelman’s Law Office has extensive experience with sexual harassment cases arising from a lack of security measures. Representing the interests of the victim, a professional lawyer always remains as correct as possible and understands the delicacy of such a situation.

We will always provide you with a free consultation and the services of a Russian-speaking lawyer.

Many victims of the attack do not want to go to the police or a lawyer – they are afraid that they will be accused of provoking such a crime, or that the offender will take revenge. But such a thing as the provocation of rape does not exist, and the rapists themselves are cowardly people who will never act openly. If you become a victim of an attack – always report to the police. Of course, there is a great desire to quickly forget about it, but you do not need to rush home to heal the wounds – in this case, you will destroy the evidence that is necessary for the case. After you have completed the protocol with the police and passed all the necessary medical examinations, immediately contact a lawyer. Even if the criminal is not arrested, you can sue the owner of the area where you were attacked. As in other matters, time is a key factor here. The faster you react, the stronger your lawyer will be. Call your lawyer without any hesitation.

Cases of sexual harassment are not uncommon in New York, and our lawyers regularly deal with such cases. Psychological assistance groups have been created for victims of such incidents. Remember: you are not alone. A lawyer will always be your reliable support in such a painful situation. Lawyers the law office already have experience in dealing with cases of sexual harassment and rape in hotels, residential buildings, parking lots and other buildings. Call us right now and get a free consultation on your case.

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